Car Buying 

Car Buying

•    Check for predicted reliability for the model you want to purchase.
See chart here
•    When buying an older used car, reliability is more important because used cars need more repairs as they age.  See chart here   Japanese models are the most
reliable (Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti).
•    When buying most of these models they will need extensive work between 90K and 120K miles.  Common repairs and service would be oil leaks, cooling system work, timing belt, transmission service etc.
•    Try to get any receipts for auto work from its previous owner - which should
include the names of the shops that performed the services.
•    We suggest getting any car checked out before finalizing the sale.  Spending
$100 on a diagnostic may save you thousands and a good way to negotiate
•    the price of the car if it needs work.
•    When buying a car from a dealer you usually have three days to check out the
car.  If buying from an individual check out the car first !! and use the repair cost
estimates to negotiate the price.  If this is not possible to write up an agreement
stating that you can return within a specified time frame if repairs will exceed a
given a dollar amount, you can return it.
•    Ask the owner how often the oil had been changed and how much oil the
vehicle uses between oil changes.
•    It would be a good idea to call a repair shop even if you are planning on
purchasing a new vehicle.  Some models have problems or costs you may not
be aware of.
•    Places to look for used cars include Craigslist, eBay, friends, car dealers,
and various local sellers.
•    We don't suggest looking too far from your local area - it may become more
hassle than it's worth!
  Prior to shopping for any specific vehicle, we suggest checking the reliability
ratings and suggestions in Consumer Report to best suit your needs.  Though
  Consumer Reports is a great resource, we highly recommend you check with us before making a final decision.  We feel that some vehicle brands are improperly
  reflected on their reliability charts, such as Audi.
  Do not buy an extended warranty except when buying a used high maintenance vehicle.
  If you feel strongly about purchasing the
  warranty, we'd recommend purchasing the plan when the 'New Vehicle Warranty'
  period ends.  Most companies end this initial warranty period at around 36,000 miles
  but you should check the specific expiration on your vehicle brand to plan
  When test driving new vehicles, dealerships must request your driver's license for
  liability purposes.  Be sure to request that they do not photocopy your license or
  submit a credit check for financing purposes without your permission.
  Do not buy the 'Parmalat coating' offered as an upgrade option at most
  dealerships.  Washing and maintaining your new vehicle regularly will be more
  than sufficient in keeping that "showroom shine" that Parmalat offers with
  their coating.

Long-Term Reliability 
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