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Hondas hold their value better than almost any other brand because of their
outstanding reliability and track records.  They keep on going and going if you
service them correctly.  Sometimes the Honda service schedule seems to be
geared towards selling you a new car rather than making your Honda last as long
as possible.

What can you do to make your Honda last?  One thing we do is change the
transmission oil more frequently and use a fluid that exceeds Honda's
specifications.  Some Honda models - such as the Odyssey - are known to have
transmission issues at around 120,000 miles.  Honda used to recommend
changing the transmission oil every 30,000 miles but has modified the schedule
to change it at 105,000 miles.  They have 'upgraded' the transmission fluid but it
does not mean that you should forget about servicing the transmission until
105,000 miles.  If you follow the more traditional schedule of changing the
automatic transmission fluid every 30,000 miles your Honda will be in better
condition than one that follows the Honda recommended service schedule.

Another issue with some Honda models - most noticeably in the CRVs and
Elements - is the fact that the valves are not adjusted frequently enough.  It
used to be suggested that the valves be adjusted every 30,000 miles but now
Honda's recommendation is to adjust the valves at 105,000 miles.  Valve
adjustment at 60,000 or 90,000 miles is more appropriate, as otherwise valves may
be damaged by 105,000 miles.  Hondas run better and last longer when the valves
are within tolerance.  You can get a pretty good sense of when the valves need
adjusting if the engine has a noticeable clicking noise, most likely heard when
firing up the vehicle from a cold start.  If you want us to listen to your Honda and
assess if it would benefit from a valve adjustment, we would be more than happy
to check it out as a courtesy inspection - free of charge!

Last but not least are oil changes.  Oil service is the most basic service and we
think it important to use a higher quality oil, usually not a synthetic oil.  By using
the higher quality oil, we change the oil in our vehicles less frequently than other
shops or oil changers.  When changing the oil, an important part of the service is
the vehicle inspection.  Checking the general condition of the vehicle is
sometimes more important than the oil change itself.  During this inspection we
will test drive the vehicle, check the brakes, tire wear, fluid levels, suspension,
etc., then wash and vacuum your car before returning it.  Hondas are our
specialty.  The items mentioned are just a few of the maintenance issues we
suggest.  Read our reviews and give us a call or make an appointment today.

- Hans

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