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BMWs are the drivers' cars of the automotive world. They keep on going and
going if they are properly serviced.  But what do you do when your BMW stops,
sputters, or begins to get tired?

Common problems amongst BMWs are cooling system leaks, check engine
lights, chassis vibrations, and oil leaks.  Aside from these items, there are other
basic inspection points overlooked by most shops.  One of the most common
is the changing of the cooling system parts, many of which are made of plastic
and need to be replaced before they fail.  Overheating a six-cylinder BMW can
damage the head gasket and cylinder heads leading to expensive repairs.

We suggest doing the oil service more frequently than than indicated by BMW's
automatic service reminder.  For most BMW drivers, ten thousand mile services
are more appropriate than the twelve to fiften thousand mile services indicated
by the car's automatic reminder.  Give us a call or make an appointment today!

- Hans


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